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Sorry for the short period of time that there were no updates, I had a small run of bad luck that I can not even remember. My works were in the refrigerator but will try to catch up.

- First of all the updates in Player Index of Super Street Fighter II Turbo , Street Fighter III Third Strike and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (including Evil Ryu and Oni). Also updated the list of voice actors , this time with only characters for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu and Oni), in Japanese and English.

- Second, a great interview Satsuinohadou , a great person who had a significant influence on me. Born as an homage to Street Fighter II But as we talked a little bit more including other aspects ( Alpha, EX, III, IV ) in a sequel.

- Feature as Tournament Format, a translation of the German community Hardedge gaming, and really rare items as Brazil, Blanka and representation in Street Fighter II , who was made by a student of Literature and released at a meeting of Culture in Brazil in 2006. Really quaint and picturesque, most likely you do not like but I personally I charm.

- Another project that shows the face, Technical Guide. Complete list moves and special abilities of the wrestlers in Japanese kanji, romanized, adapted and origin. It is a long term project, I have come a long way but I did not have time these days to take care of many things. Yet there is plenty of material (58 characters listed). If you want interiorizarte that is the thing, click here.

- And finally, our humble tribute to the 20 years of Street Fighter II.

For Special updates Street Fighter, we have included the following, together with some anecdotes highlighted in purple:

Street Fighter II Special

- The map of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior has the particularity to present nipocéntrica perspective. This would mark registered in the versions of CPS-I. Only in Super Street Fighter II is changed to a global perspective. To make matters more, as seen in The World Warrior is the first Street Fighter.

The first capture obviously corresponds to the world map of the first Street Fighter

- The flag of Spain representing Vega on the map template characters do not correspond to the situation history surrounding the game. The flag of Spain of Street Fighter II is imposed since the military regime of Francisco Franco Bahamonde English politician (identifiable by the coat of arms), which was replaced by the current in 1975 (year Franco died), sixteen years before Street Fighter II saw the light. This flag was maintained until Street Fighter II Turbo. In Super Street Fighter II would see the current English flag.

Comparison between the flags of Spain, the Franco regime and the current

Flags Spain's taken directly from the games. Although almost indescribable, shields fused to the yellow strips can at least differentiate.

- As mentioned before, Super Street Fighter II would change the perspective of his world map of nipocéntrica to global. This would remain true even in the Alpha series.

Comparison between the globes of two Street Fighter II: the first CPS-I and the other CPS-II.

- There are differences between the covers of Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers for Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive version of Japanese and Western. In the Japanese versions of cover of the game is based on the animated movie, Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie and is equal for both 16-bit consoles from Nintendo and Sega, in fact the image has been used as a flyer or poster, only difference is that the four New Challengers appear that the game's title is say, Cammy, Fei Long, Dee Jay and T. Hawk. While on the western side of the covers are very simple but have two (one for Super Nintendo and Sega Meda Drive). Note that although Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers appeared in arcades in 1993, its conversion to Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive and the animated film appeared in 1994.

Comparison between the covers of Super Street Fighter II, Western and Japanese version

Special Street Fighter III

- Street Fighter III again has the same quirk in the map that Street Fighter II: nipocéntrica perspective. Having chosen a fighter, the starting point to destination is Japan where we have to play, and this will repeat the same in every battle.

- New Super Combo of Ryu and Ken: Shin Shoryuken and Jinrai Kyaku became part of the movement of Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Marvel vs. SNK against. Coinciding with the launch year, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, Ryu and Ken have these new techniques.

- Street Fighter III Second Impact: Giant Attack nipocéntrica also shares the perspective of the world map of New Generation, with the same characteristics. Its sequel Third Strike would be the only title not submit a map.

- As in the Alpha series games in their shipments to the West were changed some images where the characters were bleeding. In this update of Street Fighter III also occurs when you play with Akuma and defeat you, you see as the Master of the Fists is disjointed and has a bloody mouth. In the Western versions blood color change to green, something really weird because in this way implies that Akuma is anything but a human. Another thing where a character was revealed this vital fluid in the defeat of Urien has only the result of losing or not exceed Over Time bonus stage Sean, where Gill's brother, rage and helplessness self flagellates strongly squeezing the biceps with his hands, and so much pressure and force finishes burying his fingers and bleeding. The versions that do not correspond to the Japanese ignored the details of the blood.

- In Second Impact: Giant Attack there is a small mistake, at least in the Western version go unnoticed and not corrected. When faced with Sean, whose stage is in Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo in English) in the Japanese version says "Sao Paura", which is understandable due to the phonetic Japanese. But so does the western version of the game.

Street Fighter IV Special

- The Ultra Zangief Combo II takes the name of Hyper Combo Mech Zangief Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter: Siberian Blizzard. The Special Moves both are completely different, while the Siberian Blizzard Zangief is a key that is only done in the air, Mech Zangief is quite similar to Ken Shinryuken but made with the Lariat. It is not as a mere anecdote, as in Super Street Fighter IV you can download the alternate costume that pays homage to Mech Zangief.

- Dhalsim has a new move to this new release: Yoga Tower. In the Hindu movement that lifts up making use of its elasticity. Dhalsim takes the position in the movement is identical with his artwork for Super Street Fighter II Turbo, where we also take the same stance.

- Everyone takes for granted that the alternative costume Cammy Ultra range is a replica of Catwoman, but in fact already put Cammy in that outfit ... Street Fighter Zero manga by Masahiko Nakahira, 1996. In the manga Cammy Dan faces which easily defeated, but the victory is short-lived because of the appearance of a relentless Sodom which puts her in serious trouble, while Chun Li should intercede to give him time to escape. Not get very far because it falls into the hands of M. Bison.

- Makoto alternative attire of the Ultra line is an exact replica seen in official artwork.

- Finally on March 25 Evil Ryu was officially by Capcom. Ryu version Satsui not consumed by the Hadou is far from a simple change in the color palette as in previous versions, and features an array of moves and special that differentiate it from his other self. The third character steps on Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Oni is expected by or perhaps surprise.

- On April 8, 2011 Capcom has officially shown the papers to be the real monster of Street Fighter: Oni. Akuma can say that reached its peak of power, and we may be in the presence of a canonical character to replace Shin Akuma, who incidentally is in the same Super Street Fighter IV as special non-playable boss, but as common in the series, only a change in the color palette. Oni has been very cool in this sense, being the opposite of Shin Akuma.

- Some relate the set of special moves inspired by Captain Crimson Viper Command, first appeared in Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, but previously released only Final Fight 3 for Super Nintendo, the character Lucy Morgan has a special move, Flame Kick, that the execution is very similar to the Burning Kick Crimson Viper. Another similarity between two women is they are both agents of justice, Lucia works for the special crime division of Metro City (Special Crimes Unit), while Viper supposedly works for the CIA as a last in Final Fight 3 Dean's character can create electricity through his fists (rumored to perhaps be a cyborg), like the red-haired agent through his gloves.

- Marvel vs. Capcom 3 presents a technical characters of Street Fighter, even with the same name: She-Hulk is Guile's Somersault Kick and Wesker two movements and Jaguar called Tiger Uppercut Kick. By no means is the first time that Capcom do this, is known for Zangief and Mike Haggar in other genre games like Megaman X could get technical like Hadouken, including Cody in Final Fight Revenge has Somersault Kick the in your arsenal of moves. Wesker's case is more complex because the Tiger Uppercut bears little resemblance to the movement of Sagat, but we can not say the same for the Jaguar Kick (very similar to that of Adon). Both movements had them from Resident Evil 5. X-23 also has a motion very similar to the Somersault Kick but with the name of Crescent Scythe.

also updated the section of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, including data for your ad.

Well, now that's all. There is much work to do maintaining the site in areas that should not be abandoned as the Special and Player Index, intended to offer more new material.

Enjoy your stay in the blog, see you in the next report News.


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